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wailea ekolu

Wailea Ekolu

download mapLocated along the hills of Wailea with vistas of the Pacific Ocean, one has a view of Molokini, the popular snorkeling islet off the coast of Maui. In Hawaiian legend, Pu'uoinaina was a mo'o (lizard) and when Pele the volcano goddess discovered Pu'uoinaina had married Pele's lover Lohi'au, she became enraged and severed her tail and head. Sadly when Lohi'au saw his beloved floating in the sea, he called her Molokini, meaning "many ties. Today, Molokini is one of the most popular snorkeling areas in Maui.

This Maui condo resort has an ideal location at the gateway to Wailea, among plush beach resorts, yet with easy escape to discover and explore the island of Maui. Enter your one- or two-bedroom Wailea luxury condo under a trellis bursting with vibrant flowers and explore this lush 18-acre garden paradise with 2 pools and a recreational pavilion. Ekolu is the Hawaiian word for the number three.

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