A Pie Shop on Maui? Yes, Please!

A Pie Shop on Maui? Yes, Please!

  • Gary Mooers
  • 04/18/22

We like to think of Maui as our own little slice of heaven. Warm weather, sandy beaches, friendly faces—what could be better? Maui no ka oi! (Maui is the best, for those of you reading from abroad)

Then how about this: a literal slice of heaven, served up piping hot and fresh, on our own little slice of heaven on Earth? That’s a winning equation in our book! 🌴+ 🍰🥧= 😋

Folks, let us do you the favor of introducing you to your new favorite establishment on the Valley Isle, Maui Pie. This place has been serving up delicious pies, cookies, and all kinds of treats for years now on historic Kihei Road, utilizing the freshest ingredients and making all their delights with the utmost in aloha. Their fruit-based pies are simply outstanding, and

Despite all of that…would you believe that their best-selling pie is of the chicken pot variety? Go figure! With a menu this expansive, Maui Pie truly has something for everyone, and has been collecting fans all around the world these past few years. 

In addition, Maui Pie has been collecting several well-earned accolades across the web over the past few years, from publications both local and international—check out their website at mauipie.com for some of their best spots and be sure to check them out over on Kihei Road, right next door to the Azeka Shopping Center. They’re currently open Monday through Saturday, so be sure to double-check their hours on social media and on their website. Enjoy!

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