Looking for a True ‘Hidden Gem’ in Wailea? Then Check Out This Little Neighborhood!

Looking for a True ‘Hidden Gem’ in Wailea? Then Check Out This Little Neighborhood!

  • Gary Mooers
  • 10/3/22

Now, needless to say—there are no true ‘bargains’ when it comes to shopping for a home in one of Maui’s most-prestigious, upscale communities. Having said that, there are most assuredly some neighborhoods that will truly maximize the bang for your buck—and perhaps none more so than Wailea Fairway Estates!

This charming, beatific slice of Wailea sports an unbeatable location: we’re talking literal steps for both Ulua and Mokapu Beaches, respectively! That’s two beaches for the relatively-low price of one immaculately located home!

As for the neighborhood itself, most of these homes were constructed 30 or so years ago as one of the very first subdivisions in Wailea, which is close with Wailea Kai as one of the more-mature developments in this exclusive area of the isle. Nevertheless, these custom homes have nearly all been extensively remodeled and immaculately kept up to the standard of the area, making this neighborhood a true, relative ‘bargain’ in one of Maui Nui’s most sought-after zip codes, including the world-class surroundings—golf courses, beaches, shopping, upscale dining—that comes along with it.

Oh, and guess who owns the record-high sale for Wailea Fairway Estates? Why, none other than your gracious tour guide, Gary Mooers, of course! So if you’re looking to call this place your own, best set an appointment on the double with your favorite GM Maui Group member to take a tour and start plotting your relocation today. Aloha!

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