Many Experts Raise Home Price Forecasts

Many Experts Raise Home Price Forecasts

  • Gary Mooers
  • 08/24/22

Why experts expect price appreciation:

  1.  Low unemployment
  2. Lender standards are strict
  3. Foreclosure activity is extremely low, still dropping, less than half of a rate that concerns experts.  The rate was 14% during the Great Recession, today it is 0.4% of homeowners were facing possible foreclosure in the 2nd quarter of 2022.  91% of those had at least some equity built up in their homes.
  4. Inventory is still extremely low, up 27% in this country vs. the same week in 2021, but inventory is down 42.8% vs. the same week in 2019.
  5. 81% of 1st-time homebuyers last year were Millennials.  45% of all home sales were Millennials. They are in their peak homebuying years.

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