Visitor Spending is Way, Way Up this Summer on the Valley Isle!

Visitor Spending is Way, Way Up this Summer on the Valley Isle!

  • Gary Mooers
  • 08/15/22

You know, the housing market isn’t the only thing in flux these days.

The total number of visitors to Maui are still slightly lower than they were in the pre-pandemic days this summer…but they’re also spending money like it’s going out of style!

In the month of June, travelers arriving to Maui spent a grand total $549.8 million, a 15.2% increase from June 2019, according to the facts and figures released by our friends @ the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT). June 2019 saw $477.1 million spent on local businesses and the like, which certainly isn’t too shabby—but it’s got nothing on June 2022’s tally!

Meanwhile, 288,333 intrepid travelers arrived to the Valley Isle in June, which still represents a 2.6% decline from June 2019’s tally (295,926).

What’s more, Maui’s level of visitor spending reflects the trend across the Aloha State, with a grand total of $1.83 billion swelling the coffers in June—an increase of over 12% from this same time in 2019!

All that spending certainly bodes well for both Maui and the state of Hawaii’s ongoing recovery from the pandemic-related battering we took in the early goings of 2020. You can never keep a good island down, and we all know Maui no ka oi (that means Maui is the best, for all our mainland friends).

And if you’re thinking it’s time to hop aboard the recovery train and invest in your next home or vacation rental, then make sure you get in touch with your favorite GM Maui Group team member to get the ball rolling today 🤙

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