Set Your Sails for Adventure with Hula Girl Sailing in West Mau

Set Your Sails for Adventure with Hula Girl Sailing in West Mau

  • Gary Mooers
  • 02/6/23

Are you ready to see something truly out of this world?

The GM Maui Group recently caught up with Captain Peter Wood of Hula Girl Sailing, the home of two of Maui’s finest sailing catamarans: the Hula Girl and the Shangri-La. Peter and his crew—including wife Inca—have been in the boating business since 1974, showing countless visitors and kama’aina alike an experience that’s second to none here on the Valley Isle.

Peter and his team will not only give you a great time on the high seas, complete with snorkeling and sailing aplenty—they are also the only boat on the island that can provide you and yours with a five-star dining experience! You heard right: they have a licensed kitchen on board, complete with chefs and high-end dining, ready and raring to go. Good luck finding that on a typical jaunt on the ocean!

For an experience such as this it goes without saying that a reservation is an absolute must. After all, an all-inclusive jaunt such as this can’t be found around every corner! If you’re looking to secure passage on the best darn voyage to be had in all of Maui Nui, then head on over to to get started, where you can select either the Hula Girl (the restaurant and bar on board) or the Shangri-La (their exclusive private charter). Don’t miss your chance to snorkel, whale watch, and see the sunset with a five-star dining experience—call today!


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