Out of This World Beauty at La Perouse Bay—the Literal ‘End of the Road!’

Out of This World Beauty at La Perouse Bay—the Literal ‘End of the Road!’

  • Gary Mooers
  • 11/21/22

Folks, let it be said: the GM Maui Group will go to the ends of the Earth to bring you the very best in Valley Isle living, entertainment, dining, and activities.

Okay, okay...maybe not the ends of the Earth...but definitely the end of the road in South Maui, that is!

La Perouse Bay, a rugged and breathtaking swath of land in Makena, can be found where the road literally runs out in South Maui, the literal and proverbial ‘end of the line.’ You’ll find the most-recent lava flows from Haleakala along the way, and parking your vehicle will open up some of Maui’s most-treasured hikes and spots for snorkeling on the entire island, not to mention a pretty great place to do some whale watching—and, if you’re lucky, as one Gary Mooers and his family were on early Maui morning, some dolphin watching to boot!

La Perouse Bay is also home to some amazing spots to do some cliff-jumping and snorkeling for the more-adventurous, along with a lava-rock hike to some pretty isolated and spectacular scenery at the bottom corner of our island. Pro tip, though: wear appropriate hiking gear and bring water! Nothing worse than dehydration and the powerful sun beating down with nowhere else to go.

Are you and your ‘ohana ready for some adventure? Then you’d best drive down to La Perouse Bay for some serious fun in the sun—and stay tuned for even more island tips from the GM Maui Group!

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