Don’t Delay—Purchase Your Lot in Luxurious Wailea Highlands Today!

Don’t Delay—Purchase Your Lot in Luxurious Wailea Highlands Today!

  • Gary Mooers
  • 05/16/22

Attention all high-end luxury buyers: if you’re in the market for an exclusive enclave with sweeping views and a tight-knit community, we have just the place you’ve been looking for. Welcome to the ‘Beverly Hills’ of historic Wailea Town!

Wailea Highlands is one of the most elegantly constructed subdivisions in all of Wailea, featuring absolutely gorgeous homes and first-class construction all the way through. Our own Gary Mooers recently went on a driving tour to show you around for a sneak peak of this first-class enclave right in the heart of Maui’s most luxurious locale.

All the lots in Wailea Highlands are half an acre, with some properties combining two lots for their estates. Lots in this subdivision have never gone for anything less than $2.5 million, with some going nearly up to $11 million. With only 24 lots in the entire neighborhood, Wailea Highlands remains a tight-knit community in beautiful South Maui, just down the road from ‘Billionaire’s Row’ in Makena and its wealthy denizens (including one Jeff Bezos).

There are a few precious lots available in this highly sought-after stretch of land, so if you’re a luxury buyer hoping to rub shoulders with some of the Valley Isle’s most prestigious residents, then give Gary and the GM Maui Group—Maui’s #1 group of real estate professionals—a call to get started on calling Wailea Highlands your brand new home today. Aloha!

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