• Gary Mooers
  • 02/5/21
'Safe Travels' Program Experience

In December, a majority of the U.S. Mainland visitors who traveled to Hawaii said their pre-travel testing went smoothly.
However, 21% said they had issues during pre-travel testing. A little less than 50% said the 3 day window for testing was "unreasonable".
The other top difficulties include trouble in finding "trusted partners" to perform the tests and that the results didn't arrive on time.
The Sale Travels program allows most passengers arriving from from out-of-state and traveling intercounty to bypass the mandatory 10-day self-quarantine with a valid negative COVID-19 NAAT test result from a trusted testing partner. The test has to be taken no earlier than 72 hours from the final leg of departure and the negative result must be received before departure to Hawaii.
"Despite challenges for some in the pre-testing process, vast majority of visitors rated their trip as excellent."
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