A Cup of Excellence at Wailuku Coffee Company

A Cup of Excellence at Wailuku Coffee Company

  • Gary Mooers
  • 12/20/21

Aloha, and welcome back to Gary’s tasty trek across this magnificent island!

Today Gary’s hanging out in downtown Wailuku—a seriously underrated area of our beautiful island—to say aloha nui with Megan Kanekoa at Wailuku Coffee Company, a perennial favorite for coffee fans near and far—and that certainly includes Gary and his wife!

Wailuku Coffee Company has been an important figure in the Maui business community for over a decade now, serving up some serious aloha to the grateful populace of the Valley Isle. They have a wide array of coffees and treats to be had, including a delicious lunch menu full of fresh and tasty treats. Organic, all local, and made with love—and that’s what Maui is all about! Located right in the heart of Market Street, they’re open from 7-5 Monday through Saturday and 7-3 on Sundays. 

It can certainly be said that Wailuku Coffee Company knows how to keep you satisfied—and be sure to keep the good times rolling and don’t forget about their Haiku location the next time you find yourself out that-a-way! Their ‘ohana is as hard working as they are tight-knit, and their online ordering platform simply can’t be beat: you can order from their website, their social media, or even from their own proprietary app.

We’d tell you to say that Gary sent you…but let’s get real, you’ll probably see him in line waiting for his next caffeine fix, so just wave and say aloha to some seriously delightful treats at Wailuku Coffee Company: where the hip come to sip!

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