Enjoying All the Culinary Delights at Pita Paradise

Enjoying All the Culinary Delights at Pita Paradise

  • Gary Mooers
  • 04/5/21


Aloha awakea, and welcome back! We’ve missed you, and hope all has been well with you and yours. There are so many wonderful things to do here on Maui, and we are extremely fortunate to be blessed with a number of restaurants and eateries that go above and beyond to give you a culinary experience that is truly like no other. We are thrilled to introduce you to the magnificent culinary delights of The Pita Paradise & Mediterranean Bistro, and let’s give a big welcome to Christine Arabatzis, the co-owner along with her husband, John ‘Captain Johnny’ Arabatzis, Jr.!

Christine and Johnny started their restaurant 21 years ago, originally in the Kalama Village in Kihei. They dreamed of combining a friendly, inviting atmosphere with the Mediterranean dishes they loved, and lucky for us wanted to share! They skillfully combine the flavorings local to Greece and Italy with the many local ingredients of our islands, from the farms located upcountry to the bounty of fish that Captain John rustles up daily (but more on that in a bit). From lamb and local produce to gyros and the daily fish special, Christine and Johnny combine them all with a taste of Maui that’s guaranteed to please. Just make sure you save a little room, as probably heard about their world-famous Baklava Ice Cream Cake, and it’s everything they say and a whole lot more!

Now you might think that you’ve enjoyed fresh fare on island before, but Christine and Johnny have redefined the very meaning of the word: in fact, Captain Johnny goes out on the daily to catch the fish that are then prepared in so many of the appetizing, scrumptious Mediterranean dishes on the menu! It’s a daily tradition that stretches back over 20 years now, and one that proudly continues to their perpetual success. Each of their daily fish specials are then quite unique, as they all depend on what bounty ke kai has provided to Captain Johnny and his crew that morning. As the crew at Pita Paradise like to say…whether it’s ahi, mahi, or ono: you can be sure your fish was swimming as of yesterday!

Pita Paradise is also available as a full-service caterer for your next gathering or occasion as well, offering up a unique experience that could truly be said to encompass the best of both worlds, and undertaken with all the appropriate precautions to make sure that you receive a culinary experience guaranteed to delight.

Come on down and bring the whole family to enjoy all of the fantastic flavors, uniquely local ingredients, and an atmosphere that’s second-to-none. You’ll probably even run into Gary and his family there as well, so be sure to come on over and say aloha!

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