Ever Had the Pleasure of This Ceremonial Hawaiian Drink?

Ever Had the Pleasure of This Ceremonial Hawaiian Drink?

  • Gary Mooers
  • 02/14/22

As residents of Maui, we all know how much our island loves to partake in delicious foods and beverages. That’s why the GM Maui Team is touring around the Valley Isle to introduce you to some of our favorite haunts, and no tour would be complete without a stop at Wow-Wee Maui’s Kava Bar and Grill, holding it down in Kahului for the past 15-plus years!

Recently, owner Michael Capuano and our very own Gary Mooers sat down to talk some story and highlight all the delicious offerings being served up at Wow-Wee, including a spectacular sushi bar, a delectable selection of plate lunches, and their patented Maui beef burgers, not to mention a wide array of beverages on tap. Speaking of—did you know that Wow Wee Maui’s Kava Bar and Grill, as per their namesake, is the only current Maui establishment to serve the tradition Hawaiian ceremonial drink known as ‘ava, or kava? That’s right—Wow Wee’s has the 3,000-year-old beverage ready and rarin’ to go for you, in all its purported healing and relaxing properties. According to legend, the kava plant was brought to the islands by the gods Kane and Kanaloa from their ancestral Polynesian islands, soon becoming a significant part of both Hawaiian culture and a delicious drink to be enjoyed within the friendly confines of Wow Wee!

In fact, Michael certainly knows the way to the collective hearts of the GM Maui Team: he gifted us their unique candy bars as a thank you for stopping by! Make sure you check them out soon as well, and don’t hesitate to tell ‘em the GM Maui Team sends their regards 🤙❤

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