Fishing for a Good Time at Isana in North Kihei

Fishing for a Good Time at Isana in North Kihei

  • Gary Mooers
  • 05/10/21

Howzit, dear readers! 

It’s been our pleasure to be touring the island’s best restaurants and eateries as of late, enjoying ourselves each step of the way. If you yourself have been looking for some of the freshest cuisine in all of Maui, then we’re proud to tell you to look no further than Isana in North Kihei: they’ve been serving up the finest in island dining for over 30 years. Owners Christina and John Arabatzis had long enjoyed their trips to this Maui establishment, so when an opportunity arose to help revitalize the longstanding island landmark they leapt at the opportunity, and we’re sure glad that they did!

Offering a spectacular view of the ocean, Isana (which means ‘brave fish’) specializes in serving up delicious and modern takes on sushi and local fare, along with an extremely fresh takes on local fish. We mean that quite literally: John and his crew venture out daily to angle for many of their daily offerings! From stylish crab cakes to their coconut Mai Thais, Isana continues to provide an unparalleled, thrilling dining experience, with much mahalo to their talented chef, JR. If you’ve never ‘broke da mouth’ before, you’ll definitely flip your lid at their patented ‘Broke da Mouth’ sushi rolls!

It sure was a pleasure to enjoy a meal with such wonderful company—have we mentioned how much Gary loves making these videos?! Make sure to stop into Isana the next time you’re in North Kihei and experience the absolute best in fresh, local cuisine. Mahalo, Christine and JR!

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