Get Your Grub On at Roasted Chiles

Get Your Grub On at Roasted Chiles

  • Gary Mooers
  • 01/3/22

Years back, Gary and the GM Maui team were always looking for a way to satisfy their longstanding hankering for authentic Mexican cuisine. Sad thing was, such a hankering was not the easiest thing to satiate all the way out here in the Pacific Ocean, some 3,000+ miles from Mexico. 

What was a hungry realtor to do?

Thankfully, our problem was finally solved by Roasted Chiles, the very best Mexican restaurant in all of Maui! Gary got his grub on at their grand opening, and since then has been almost as much of a fixture as the furniture itself – which also came straight from Estados Unidos Mexicanos!

If you’ve been looking for authentic south-of-the-(mainland)-border flavor combined with an outstanding dining experience, then look no further. Roasted Chiles is absolutely the place to be for a scrumptious selection of unique southern dishes and mouth-watering flavors. As if all that wasn’t enough to get you and your ‘Ohana going – their fresh, house-made margaritas are made with real agave syrup! Trust us, you’ve never had a better margarita in your life, and we’re not just whistlin’ Dixie. 

Located in the Azeka Shopping Center in Kihei, Roasted Chiles is open for in-person dining and taking reservations now. Give them a call or swing on by and get ready to have your socks knocked off by their authentic and unique take on Mexican cuisine. If you see Gary enjoying his latest plate of Mole Artesanal, then be sure and say aloha to Maui’s #1 realtor and #1 fan of delicious Mexican food. Hasta luego!

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