Have a Hankering for Italian Food on Maui? Look No Further!

Have a Hankering for Italian Food on Maui? Look No Further!

  • Gary Mooers
  • 03/28/22

Would you believe it—a taste of Old Italiana, and right here in Kihei?!

Recently our own Gary Mooers got to enjoy a stop-and-chat with Mike Odwyer, co-owner of Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria, an outstanding eatery located on the South Shore. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has done little to slow Mike and company down—in fact, he and fellow owner Lorezo Fabiani have made it extra easy to get your grub on: you can drive right up and have it delivered right to your car, or even have it delivered!

Needless to say, Fabiani’s menu displays a veritable selection of Italian delights, from sandwiches and paninis to pastas and pizzas—and would you even believe that they offer an Irish pizza in honor of Mike’s own heritage? You’ve gotta give this one a try! Do yourself a tremendous favor and stop on by to check out all their delicious menu options for both lunch and dinner. Their lasagna is out of this world (and, according to Mike, representative of Italy’s Northern style of cooking), and they have a wide array of pizzas and other dishes that are all made from scratch.

PS: Don’t forget to check out Mulligan’s On the Blue just down the road in Wailea, near to the Fairmont Hotel—it’s another one of Mike’s excellent island ventures!

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