Keeping our Island Safe and Healthy at Malama Pregnancy Center

Keeping our Island Safe and Healthy at Malama Pregnancy Center

  • Gary Mooers
  • 11/1/21

Folks, we’re not going to lie: it’s good to be Gary – and, quite often, it’s also delicious!

Make no mistake -- we’re so lucky to share so many of our favorite businesses with you across this wonderful island, and it sure has been a heck of a lot of fun. There are so many individuals that help to make our island community the best in the whole wide world, and today Gary would like to share some love and aloha to one of the most important establishments on Maui: the Malama Pregnancy Center, located in historic Wailuku town.

We popped in for a visit with director Joy Wright to discuss her work in offering life-affirming pregnancy services to our kama’aina facing unknown or unexpected pregnancies, offering totally free and confidential pregnancy tests and ultrasound services to help expecting mothers navigate through what can often be a difficult and challenging time. 

The Malama Pregnancy Center of Maui also offers prenatal birthing and parenting classes for expecting families, along with providing material assistance for moms and babies to help with the financial pressures that come along with parenthood – we’re talking baby clothes, diapers, car seats, and other essentials, absolutely free! They even offer counseling and support around adoption planning at every step in the process. 

So if you or someone you know is in need of some help and some hope regarding a pregnancy, give Joy and the Malama Pregnancy Center of Maui a call today. They’re wonderful people, and we’re proud to call them our friends. 

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