The Magnificent Designs of Indolotus Imports

The Magnificent Designs of Indolotus Imports

  • Gary Mooers
  • 05/24/21

Hello, welcome back, and come on in! Today, we’re pleased as punch to introduce you to David Bradberry and Indolotus Imports, the local dealer of choice for all your landscaping and home-crafted needs. David and his crew are truly engaged in a labor of love here in Kihei, helping kama’aina to adorn their dwellings with the finest in crafted materials and designs. Their furniture designs and other custom furnishings will take your breath away…and wait until you get a load of their one-of-a-kind wooden slab tables! They’re your one-stop-shop for everything from landscaping supplies to intricate, custom ornamentations here on Maui.

(As if any further ringing endorsement were necessary: Gary’s wife Debbie always makes it a point to contact David when she’s setting up one of her new properties with Freestyle Designs!)

When you’re looking to spruce up your home and grounds with the finest in import-ed designs, be sure to get in touch with David and the team at Indolotus Imports; they’ll will treat you like their own ‘Ohana, and you’ll be blown away at their wide array of unique designs. Give them a call at 808-879-9997, and if you’re in need of finding the home of your dreams in which to place all these wonderous finds, schedule your free 15-minute consultation with the GM Maui group while you’re at it. Aloha!

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