Tips for long distance house hunting in Maui

Tips for long distance house hunting in Maui

  • Gary Mooers
  • 01/24/22

House hunting...the worst part of buying a house! If only you could write down everything you are looking for on a wish list, and a jolly realtor dressed in very familiar-looking red and white garments would receive that list. Then, a couple of days later, you'd receive a phone call from the corpulent agent informing you that he has found the perfect home for you! Finding the perfect home is hard to do at the best of times. When it is long distance, the trickiness factor gets cranked up substantially. Don't worry; it's not all doom and gloom. Here are a few tips for long-distance house hunting in Maui.

You Need a Pro in Your Corner

When it comes to buying a home, there are many things to consider. Even when it seems straightforward, I would advise consulting with a professional. When it comes to long-distance house hunting, I would say it is a must. You need someone who knows the market, someone who will be your eyes and ears. Just like sunshine, Maui isn't lacking in quality real estate agents, so be sure to contact one. They will be able to give you all the needed information you may require, information that may not be so easy to find otherwise. Google street views are awesome; they can provide a glimpse of your potential new neighborhood. Unfortunately, it cannot enter a house that has just been listed in that particular area and tell you if it meets all your criteria. It goes without saying, do your homework first. Find a realtor who has good credentials, who has been tried and tested, and knows their stuff.

Where are you now?

Wait, wait, I didn't mean it in a metaphysical sense, more as something a little more literal. While I am glad you feel like you finally have a grip on this crazy ride we call life, I was referring to the Internet. If you are reading this, you are almost certainly online. Guess what else you can do while you are here? You have at your fingertips a plethora of options you can utilize to explore Maui. From google maps, through online reviews and blogs, and all the way to connecting with people that live in the area you are interested in, there are few limitations. Don't worry, for you old-fashioned folk, maps and guide books are excellent resources too. See what the area is like and has to offer. You can dig up almost any info nowadays. Crime rates? That statistic is a click away. Schools, job opportunities. Surprisingly simple to find! If you want to start browsing through potential neighborhoods, you can start right here; it's that easy!

Let's Get Frank

This time, it wasn't meant to be too literal, so you can tell your buddy Frank that he doesn't need to come over after all, as it's time to be honest with yourself. Get a notepad or open up the notepad app on your computer and get to writing. Especially since it is a long-distance house hunt, you need to have a clear list of things you are looking for. The clearer the picture in your mind, the easier you can relay this information to your agent. It's also easier for you. You can eliminate a lot of neighborhoods and areas early on, and when you collect a few potential houses, it will be easier to narrow down the list to just one or two. From a purely logical perspective, you can't hope to find exactly what you want if you don't know what that is! So do a bit of thinking and make an honest list before you start packing and looking at Best Long Distance Movers for a professional moving company!

For those that added to that honest list a remark that my above 'Frank' joke left a lot to be desired, well, whilst that is mighty frank of you, and you're definitely on the right path, it also kinda stings!

Tips for Long-Distance House Hunting in Maui? Think About the Budget!

I know it, you know it, we all know it. You need to decide on a budget, as the budget is the one that ultimately decides. Set a realistic one, not just for the house, but also taking into account the costs in the neighborhood. Remember, house prices in this area can be pretty wild, so you need to be realistic about what you want vs. what you can afford. There is also one more cost to consider here, the travel budget. Yes, yes, but a mere two headings ago, I was raving on about the wonders of the Internet, but technology can't do it all for you. All of this leads me quite nicely to my next point.

Here's a Tip, Take a Trip!

They say seeing is believing. At the end of the day, you should take the time to see the house, the neighborhood, the area for yourself. Plan a weekend visit, make the trip, because it will be worth it in the end. Some things real estate agents and virtual tours just can't get across over a monitor and phone. Buying a home is a huge deal. Make sure you've done all you could do so that you get what you want. I understand this will not always be possible. Budgetary and time constraints are a reality of everyday life. There is a little cheat alternative, though. If you have friends or family close by, people you trust, they can check out the neighborhood and house for you. It doesn't beat you doing it, but it is the next best thing.  And with technology, if neither of the above two options work for you, your agent should be adept at Facetime, Zoom, Google Duo, or another app that allows a personal tour through the agent’s phone to your home computer.

Take the Logistics Head On

Like I always say, there is one inevitable thing that will need to happen at the end of the saga. You will need to make the actual move. Thinking about that sooner rather than later is as good a tip as any other on this list. It should be something you think about parallel to the house-hunting process. Long-distance moves to Hawaii can be logistically challenging. Additionally, many companies will be trying to catch your attention, and not all of them are up to scratch. Finding the right specialists who will assist you with all your needs during the relocation process is essential. It is important you learn everything you need to know about moving from one part of Hawaii to the next and how to find the best people for the job.


Imagine, if you will, a beautiful sunset in Maui. Something you probably won't have to be doing for long if you follow the above tips. Soon enough, you should be seeing it in person. As the Sun sets over the horizon to mark the end of another day, so does this paragraph end our list of tips for long-distance house hunting in Maui. Imagine that sunset if you ever feel like the whole house hunting process is just too much. Imagine the reward. Try not to dwell on that horrible Frank joke that you read in an otherwise exquisite example of literary perfection. You should be able to find that picture-perfect home even if it feels like that home is, quite literally, thousands of miles away!

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